Nisan, 2012

The road map for operational excellence

Everybody is pursuing excellence and searches are continuing at full speed. Some companies are trying to have more products by using less material or they are trying to increase market share and continue their existence. While some are successful, some collapse. Well; What  are common traits of companies which achieved excellence? Which strategies  did they use [...]

Yalın lider

Yalın gibi büyük dönüşümlerde kitleleri doğru yönde harekete geçirebilmek ve istenilen sonuçları alabilmek için mutlak suret ile yalın liderlere gereksinim vardır. İnsanların içlerinden gelerek dönüşüme katkı vermeleri, değişim sürecinde etkin roller alarak çözüm üretmeleri için mutlak suretle örnek alacakları kimselerin bulunması gerekir. Yalın liderler dediğimiz bu kişiler, doğru işleri doğru zamanda yapan ve ekibinin gücünü [...]

Double the good, half the bad
Nisan 10th, 2012-Human Resources, Generaladmin 0 Comments

Performance management model is measuring of differences between plan and actual situation. If there is a difference, counter measure plans should be made. That is why, we require using a performance management model which is called as MBO (Management by objectives) Performance management model has a lot of details although it seems a simple process. [...]

a chain is no stronger than its weakest link.
Nisan 9th, 2012-Supply Chain, Generaladmin 2 Comments

We can observe that there are some common traits among companies which achieved excellence. Almost all companies do not make work process in their own organization. They prefer be in cooperation with subsidiary industry which is determined as strategic partner and they use outsourcing. They regard processes of workers of subsidiary industry as a part [...]

The secret of productivity ; Lean Transformation

Recently, while I was playing with my four year old son Kerem, I told him that the cats can see better in the dark. Afterwards my son asked me how I knew this. I was speechless! How I would known this! Nor have I seen the earth from the eyes of a cat, Neither have [...]

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