Haziran, 2012

Kaizen 101 : “12 Kaizen Philosopy”  | Lean 101 : “14 Toyota Philosopy”

KAIZEN-101 12 KAIZEN Philosopy 1.            Give up the idea of accepting all things as they are. 2.            Instead of telling that something is impossible, think about how to be successful. 3.            Good ideas put into effect immediately. 4.            Just 60% can handle the development, never waiting to reach perfection. 5.            Immediately fix errors occur. 6.            [...]

Change is invitable

Nowadays, customers change suppliers and products which they buy increasingly. In the past, company background, fame and known products had an important effect on to be a preferable product. Now, people who create more value are more important for customers. Customers are more aware of their value and they desire to examine everything. It is [...]

How is Lean Transformation Adopted to Processes?

At first step of lean transformation process which begins with the training of team, people should be trained by expert people or companies whose perfection is registered officially. Thus, people get information about new system (value stream and its elements, activities which create value or not, wastes, flow, pull and so on) or they have [...]

Resistance against Lean and Change !

World and customer expectations change with a high speed. What about manufacturers? Monotype standard automobiles which are produced by Henry Ford by setting up first modern assembly production lines with the approach ‘It takes you off wherever you want and bring.’ and ‘As long as black exists, you can choose any color.’ were demanded easily [...]

to have an organization which is developing and learning. ( 3 GEN Philosophy)

We say about lean that ‘No problem is problem’. That is to say, always there is a problem and we have to face with this problem. That is why; we require improving our ability of solving problem. Let’s try to explain it with a simple example: Supposing that there is a murder and police is [...]

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