Temmuz, 2012

Operational Excellence 101

1-Supplier Selection (making profit while purchasing)  4M (Man-Machine-Material-Method) which is necessary for producing is the first step of the process of material producing. Unless you choose right suppliers and manage and improve them, you can make mistakes at the beginning. One of the important rules to be a productive producing organization is that having the [...]

A day in Toyota Plant is equal a term in Harward

Many years ago, I had the opportunity to walk through this factory which I have never seen before and I always wonder.  To be honest, “I was so impressed” and I understood so much better what the lean production system is. I would like to share my impression about this trip which was very exciting [...]

Operational key performance indicators (KPIs in manufacturing)

The word ‘target’ is really open to discuss. How will we measure that we are successful or not and do we follow right criteria? Target is meaningful when it makes you sleepless and interrupts you to achieve it. When Newton got tired during he was working, he had been sleeping with a dumb-bell on a [...]

What is Value Stream Mapping?
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Value Stream is the process and series of activities that we perform to satisfy our customer needs. The output of Value Stream is creates solution that brings value to our customer. Improve throughput, efficiency, cycle time and customer satisfaction. To manage the Value Stream means to; – Eliminate Waste, – Increase Quality, – Minimize Cost, [...]

FAQ about Lean
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What is operational excellenece?  Full utilization of the man, machine and material resources in a company. -          happy customer, employee and owner -          excellent procedure and process -          existing continual improvement culture What is lean transformation?  Lean transformation is the entire applications of Lean & Six Sigma ( LSS) process in order to obtain operational [...]

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