Ağustos, 2012

Where will we start to improvement ?
Ağustos 12th, 2012-Lean Six Sigmaadmin 0 Comments

World and customer expectations change with a high speed. In order to keep up with this change, it is required to make continuous improvement and perpetuate it. That is to say, make continuous improvement philosophy widespread. Well, where and how will we start continuous improvement process? The answer is simple. You cannot fix and manage [...]


Total productive maintenance (TPM) includes a series of improved methods based on team work concept in accordance with common targets by incorporating the other parts except maintenance to works about equipment. In TPM process, we can subsume the wastes which decrease equipment activity under three titles and six groups. 1- Availability wastes (Failure wastes/Set-up and [...]

Fish market and visual management

There are two extremely important points so as to survive in competition life. Either you will be the first person who breaks into market with your innovation ability or you will a fast pursuer with your operational excellence perfection. In today’s world, some companies like Nokia, Blackberry or Kodak, Sony do not have innovation and [...]