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The Road Map for Cost Reduction
Mart 4th, 2017Generaladmin 0 Comments

Cost reduction issue is one of the top priorities of all businesses subject of agenda items. Many businesses attribute their strategies to scale economy principle that is the principle of reduction of unit cost by increasing the scale. I wonder how true this strategy is. Now, let me explain this with an example. Consider a [...]

PLM: Product Lifecycle Management
Şubat 20th, 2017-Lean Six Sigmaadmin 0 Comments

According to a study, fifty percent of the turnover of telecommunication industry achieved in the last year comes from the products developed in last three years. The shortening lifetime of the product requires that this concept must be followed in a much more careful way. Academic researches show that the product characteristics are not constant [...]

New Strategy; Lean Out / Leagile In

The balance between producers and consumers is changing rapidly in an increasingly globalized world. The customers are changing their purchased products or suppliers with a growing route and preference precedence of “company history, reputation and brand awareness” dominated in the past, gives place to who produces maximum value from the point of customer now. Today, [...]

Lean and Foreign Trade Deficit
Aralık 26th, 2016Generaladmin 0 Comments

Foreign trade deficit is one of the most priority agenda topics for almost all countries. If your purchases (import) are more than your sells (export) as a country, it means you have foreign trade deficit. I won’t go into the technical regulations as economists but I will try to explain with a brief example how [...]

Market Awareness (Forecast is always wrong!)
Aralık 11th, 2016-Supply Chainadmin 0 Comments

Market Awareness (Forecast is always wrong!) The most important component of supply chain is product. The whole process is based on the concept of connecting product with the customer. In today’s conditions, the foremost challenging issues that the companies have difficulty in decision-making process are what products will be produce, what level product diversity will [...]

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