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Financial Management: Standard and Actual Cost
Kasım 27th, 2016-Finance, Generaladmin 0 Comments

One of the interest topics of financial management process is the analysis of production costs. What is the standard cost of product, how much this product actually cost? In order to answer these questions, firstly it should be needed to investigate the factors that create the production costs. Production costs generally consist of two main [...]

Activity Base Costing (ABC)
Kasım 22nd, 2016-Finance, -Supply Chainadmin 0 Comments

Some taken decisions may result in frustration if the figures in financial statements which are used for giving many important strategical and tactical decision by doing profit/loss analysis are not correct. First of the biggest mistake that made in cost accounting is incorrect allocation of costs. Many companies allocate the costs with the most basic/general [...]

Giving decision of project confirmation with NPV and IRR
Aralık 24th, 2012-Finance, Generaladmin 0 Comments

In order to make decision of Project investment, many people use calculation of return period of investment by dividing “ total investment into total revenue”. This methodology might give an idea, but the analysis without considering calculation of Net Present Value (NPV) of following term inputs is unlikely to get healthy results. As a result [...]

Aralık 22nd, 2012-Finance, -Supply Chain, Generaladmin 1 Comments

Do we really make profit? Today, many companies are looking for an answer to this question in classic way by using Profit and Loss tables and balance sheets. Theoratically, it is calculated  by subtracted total expenses from total revenue in order to decide whether it is profitable or not. Well, is this method enough to [...]

Lean Finance | P&L statement and it’s components

Firstly, we should analyze value drivers which have a vital importance. Revenues, expenses, margin, inventory and cash. These components should be defined in a strict way and followed. Nowadays, when we examine financial reports of a lot of SMEs which are small or medium sized companies, we see that they make interpretation by considering sales [...]

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