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Lean Finance | P&L statement and it’s components

Firstly, we should analyze value drivers which have a vital importance. Revenues, expenses, margin, inventory and cash. These components should be defined in a strict way and followed. Nowadays, when we examine financial reports of a lot of SMEs which are small or medium sized companies, we see that they make interpretation by considering sales [...]

Lean problem solving methodlogy (PDCA)

Problem exists in all processes. (No problem is problem) We always face with problems which prevent production flow and increase poor quality cost. Although we got used to live with this problem, we could not remove them because of that we do not know methods in order to remove them. Wrong products which need to [...]

Resistance against Lean and Change !

World and customer expectations change with a high speed. What about manufacturers? Monotype standard automobiles which are produced by Henry Ford by setting up first modern assembly production lines with the approach ‘It takes you off wherever you want and bring.’ and ‘As long as black exists, you can choose any color.’ were demanded easily [...]

to have an organization which is developing and learning. ( 3 GEN Philosophy)

We say about lean that ‘No problem is problem’. That is to say, always there is a problem and we have to face with this problem. That is why; we require improving our ability of solving problem. Let’s try to explain it with a simple example: Supposing that there is a murder and police is [...]

Lean in Front Office Area

The other important issue about lean is that there is a huge waste in ‘front office processes’. Wastes exist in all processes but the main aim is meeting customers’ requests about product and service as soon as possible. In other words, lead time reduction should be also in office processes.  The office process which has [...]

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