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PLM: Product Lifecycle Management
Şubat 20th, 2017-Lean Six Sigmaadmin 0 Comments

According to a study, fifty percent of the turnover of telecommunication industry achieved in the last year comes from the products developed in last three years. The shortening lifetime of the product requires that this concept must be followed in a much more careful way. Academic researches show that the product characteristics are not constant [...]

Cp / Cpk ! Six Sigma
Şubat 13th, 2014-Lean Six Sigma, Generaladmin 0 Comments

Process production capability (Cp and Cpk)   Process capability analyses which are done in order to exhibit process production capability are stated numerically by using Cp and Cpk indexes. It will be better to examine the subject of normal distribution which is the basis of our calculation before defining these indexes. Normal distribution: Suppose those [...]

Classical production systems and Lean
Şubat 5th, 2014-Lean Six Sigma, Generaladmin 0 Comments

MASS PRODUCTION Processes are generally arranged as lines and one after the other. They are indexed to the flow. -          Cycle time of each work station is different from each other and there are WIPs before and after processes. -          Work stations behave like independent production processes called as Process Island and their single purpose [...]


Kotler, in his famous book, defines marketing as finding opportunities and filling them. Whether you are the first person in the market and a director or you are a follower, in both cases, you should have innovation ability and fast. In today’s world in which generation gap is about three years, this change speed is [...]

Where will we start to improvement ?
Ağustos 12th, 2012-Lean Six Sigmaadmin 0 Comments

World and customer expectations change with a high speed. In order to keep up with this change, it is required to make continuous improvement and perpetuate it. That is to say, make continuous improvement philosophy widespread. Well, where and how will we start continuous improvement process? The answer is simple. You cannot fix and manage [...]

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