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New Strategy; Lean Out / Leagile In

The balance between producers and consumers is changing rapidly in an increasingly globalized world. The customers are changing their purchased products or suppliers with a growing route and preference precedence of “company history, reputation and brand awareness” dominated in the past, gives place to who produces maximum value from the point of customer now. Today, [...]

Lean (Efficiency  /  Effectiveness)

I took the hills by four wheel drives with a group of friends last week. During travelling one of the friends in the group asked me whether our trip was lean or not. According to him, we moved across step by step and lost time to reach the hill meeting with many cases. And these [...]

The power of Kaizen and genchi-gembutsu
Mayıs 10th, 2013-Production Managementadmin 0 Comments

Alteration and development are the first agenta topic of people nowadays. It is being searched solutions for problems like efficiency, struggling with loss, rapidity, quality, cost etc. There is too many model, strategy and jargon in order to handle these topics that sometimes we confused, not know what we do. In fact, there is one [...]

Lean project management

Marketing fulfilled its duty and new product that is released to the market become clear. Technical properties of product, price bracket is discussed down to the last detail with research and development department. Research and development department has two target in this step. Taking saleability approval: Product cost that will be obtained as a result [...]

Production and economy

Many things have changed on economic balances in the world in the last twenty years. We are watching the emeute of people,whose level of welfare once higher, economic wars reaching to the un believable dimensions , agony of old strong economies,the countries,which breaks down, the giant companies that pass into other hands and their result.We [...]

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