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Processes of Factory Management

Aim of businesses is, of course, earning money and making profit. In order to achieve this, the only thing they have is ‘product.’ Well, which processes do products which provide us earning money go through in order to be money? Who has roles and responsibilities in this producing organization which starts with marketing and ends [...]


Kotler, in his famous book, defines marketing as finding opportunities and filling them. Whether you are the first person in the market and a director or you are a follower, in both cases, you should have innovation ability and fast. In today’s world in which generation gap is about three years, this change speed is [...]

Operational Excellence 101

1-Supplier Selection (making profit while purchasing)  4M (Man-Machine-Material-Method) which is necessary for producing is the first step of the process of material producing. Unless you choose right suppliers and manage and improve them, you can make mistakes at the beginning. One of the important rules to be a productive producing organization is that having the [...]

Change is invitable

Nowadays, customers change suppliers and products which they buy increasingly. In the past, company background, fame and known products had an important effect on to be a preferable product. Now, people who create more value are more important for customers. Customers are more aware of their value and they desire to examine everything. It is [...]

The road map for operational excellence

Everybody is pursuing excellence and searches are continuing at full speed. Some companies are trying to have more products by using less material or they are trying to increase market share and continue their existence. While some are successful, some collapse. Well; What  are common traits of companies which achieved excellence? Which strategies  did they use [...]