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Lean Ofis , Consulting / Operational Excellence Lean Six  Sigma

Lean office has been founded as a “Operational Excellence / Lean Six Sigma” consulting company in August 2008, Istanbul, Turkey. A consultant who is appreciated in business world, who; Pushes the customer towards making progress and motivates them Assumes a leadership role on behalf of the business owner Decreasing dependency of himself in time

As a principle in lean ofis rather than giving advice which is common in general consultancy practice, we implement the lean concept each and every processes in the operations.

Our mission is; to be a solution partner of our client in its operational excellence journey with implementations in the field together with your people, while our Lean Ofis consultants transfer their know-how and expertise, they also teach how to gain know-why culture when you are at work.

Therefore, aiming customer intimacy and operational excellence in its consultancy services, Lean office is positioned itself much closer to you and your people while striving for the best all the time.

Operational Excellence and Lean transformation application in various industries mainly in manufacturing sector.

- Japanese style executive management consulting for operational excellence.

- Assessing company business position together with all functions ( manufacturing, supply chain, engineering, new product introduction, quality, finance, HR, IT, sales marketing)

- Develop strategic business plan and improvement road map for all business units focused on cost reduction, cultural change and operational excellence. (Hoshin planning)

- Leading and driving continuous improvement activities by implementing latest Lean Six Sigma tolls in all area of the business processes starting from supplier to customer. ( VSM, 5S, Visual management, standardization, single piece flow, end to end pull system, jidoka, poka yoke, SMED, Heijunka, TPM etc)

- Design and implement business processes starting from zero to operational excellence level, including overseas operations.

- Implement LEAN philosophy in all area of the network by being role model at GEMBA.

Some Achievements on long term Lean Transformation Projects

- Mahle, German company, (Supplier of Ford, Hyundai, Renault) Full Lean implementation. Mahle selected best lean and model site in Europe from Mahle Europe Board. Stock reduction about 75 % and cost reduction about 15% in transformation cost.

- Farel, (supplier of BSH) Full Lean implementation. Farel received the golden supplier awards of the year, globally in Germany

- Farplas, (supplier of Toyota / Ford) Full Lean transformation: Farplas manufacturing system has been honoured by Toyota SQI team. Cost reduction , space saving and KPIs excellence

- Sapro Group, (FMCG), Full Lean transformation including end to end pull system. Sapro Production system has been honoured by key customers from Germany.

- Vito Group, Full Lean transformation. Design and implement new business process according to Lean principles starting from manufacturing to supply chain.