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One of the most priority agenda items of companies is that necessity of having efficient process in order to maintain their own existence at the same time while meeting the changing customer expectations without any problem in our constantly changing world. In order to be efficient, properties of lean and agile supply chain management strategies, what strategies must be used in which situations, which areas have deficiencies in the current situation and how those deficiencies effect to the system should be very well understood.


First agenda item of almost all companies is keeping stock level minimum but do not say no to customers, minimizing the inventory levels but never run short of materials in production, being fast in operational meaning but using the resources in optimum level and while doing all of these, reducing carbon emission levels by considering environmental factors. All of these factors that are both necessary and seen as restricted each other increase the importance of supply chain management and reveal the necessity of managing more effectively.

This report has been developed in order to indicate possibilities for improvement in the process by analyzing current situation of your company within the context of “Lean and Agile Production” criterias. Main and sub-factors that affect the Lean and Agile criteria are examined with totally 140 questions obtained as a result of detailed literature search and sector experiences.

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