Manufacturing Operations Management & Lean Six Sigma

The secret of productivity ; Lean Transformation

Recently, while I was playing with my four year old son Kerem, I told him that the cats can see better in the dark. Afterwards my son asked me how I knew this. I was speechless! How I would known this! Nor have I seen the earth from the eyes of a cat, Neither have [...]

WHY Continuous Improvement Initiatives (Lean, Six Sigma, etc) fail or lack sustainability?

Ref         : 470 answers from LinkedIn ( experts, consultants, the group of Lean Six Sigma) Pareto    : Lutfi Apiliogullari, ¨37 % : Lack of Management Ownership ( The difference between aim and dream is; dream requires good sleep to see it, aim requires sleepless nights and efforts to fulfill it) Limited knowledge and awareness of [...]

Productivity and Lean Management

Nowadays, productivity is the most primary issue. The affects of economic crisis and increasing conditions of competition drive ‘’business people’’ to think about the subject of ‘ How is productivity increased?’ and to do something new about this topic. As the philosopher says: ‘Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different [...]

Companies should internalize quality-oriented thought instead of cost reduction

I guess there are a lot of lessons to take from the problem about the gas pedal which comes back slowly or does not come back. Toyota was faced with this problem and it ended up with calling back of lots of vehicles. In these days, lots of people are arguing about what the main [...]

Why Lean ? ( Cash to cash cycle)

The cash flow is the most primary issues for business people. Cash to Cash Cycle is an important indicator which is used by international business arena. It is used to measure which speed and proportion the cost is used again. It is described as C2C Cycle = DIO + DSO – DPO, and it means [...]

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