Who is Lutfi Apiliogullari ?

Lutfi has built a successful career based on his enriched experience gained in automotive, telecommunication and electronics industries both in national and international companies. He worked in various positions in these industries as an Engineering Manager, Lean Manufacturing Manager, Operational Excellence Director and General Manager.

He worked together with Lean Sensei’s about lean transformation and factory operations management long time and has hands-on “Lean Six Sigma” and “Manufacturing Operations Management” experience. He has three books published; “Lean Transformation / Code of Productivity“, ”Operational Excellence / Change Management” and “The New Era of Competition / Value Stream Management”.

He has Bachelors degree in Electrical – Electronics Engineering, Dokuz Eylul University, Izmir; Master of Business Administration degree (MBA) from the same university, and PhD degree in the area of Supply Chain Management from Maltepe University.

As an expert in the areas of Toyota methodology in plant management, advanced level Lean & Six Sigma applications and change management, he provides high profile consultancy services in the field of “Operational Excellence / Lean Six Sigma” at Lean Ofis | Turkey  as Principal consultant.


Result driven and productivity focused professional with hands-on Toyota Management / Production  systems experience in manufacturing industry.

More than 20 years of business experience, mainly in manufacturing sector by taking key roles such as “General Manager, Operations Director, Plant Manager, Manufacturing manager”.

• Japanese style executive management and advanced / sensei level of Lean Six Sigma applications.

• Excellent know how (theoretical & practical) in the area of Integrated Supply Chain Management including “manufacturing, quality, finance, HR, IT and R&D” functions management.

• Expertise in budgeting, cash flow and P&L management.

• Proven experience of  “sales / marketing”, “business development / modeling” processes.

• Extensive know-how for assessing company business position, developing strategic plan and implementing of continuous improvement road map.

• Superb skills of people management and HR process development.

• A track record of strong leadership and management with an ability to implement a successful and sustainable change management culture.