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WHY Continuous Improvement Initiatives (Lean, Six Sigma, etc) fail or lack sustainability?
Nisan 8th, 2012-Yalın Altı Sigma, Yalın YönetimLütfi Apilioğulları 0 Comments

Ref         : 470 answers from LinkedIn ( experts, consultants, the group of Lean Six Sigma)

Pareto    : Lutfi Apiliogullari,

¨37 % : Lack of Management Ownership ( The difference between aim and dream is; dream requires good sleep to see it, aim requires sleepless nights and efforts to fulfill it)

  • Limited knowledge and awareness of decision makers (lack of buy-in)
  • Lack of vision and mission
  • Lack of Commitment ,involvement and accountability
  • Speed of decisions
  • Lack of strategy and road map.

¨7 % : Lack of Support to Change (Some pain must be given before the gain)

  • Lack of recourses.

– $ : First invest that CI ( train the people first than make CI)

– Time : Give time to learn ( motivation & patience)

– People : Provide best and adequate people

¨10 % : Lack of Controlling ( Do not measure if you do not record it ; Do not Record it if you do not analyze it ; Do no analyze it if you do not take an action)

  • Lack of clear objectives, control plan and check the result. (Not big expectation. Small but incremental)
  • No linked to metrics. (It is not like an exercise. Action results must be embedded to operating system)

¨46 % : Lack of Leadership ( Leader is the one who know the way, shows the way and goes the way)

  • Culture. Low engagement and great resistance. Blaming instead of playing (nobody loose their job). Mindset and adaptability.
  • Complex tools. It is not rocket science. (Forget Jargons (MBB, BB, etc) and complex terms. Just play the game and just do it what is smart in the way you do best)
  • Project Mentality. No sense of urgency and CI activities never priority.
  • Poor communication and wrong people / case selection. Long period and bored people.
  • Big expectation. Set small but incremental targets and show how to do it. Be role model. No just direction.
  • Inadequate consultant. Wrong people and no teamwork

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